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Were you just a few credits short of getting your degree?

A separate study right can be granted to those who have interrupted their studies without them having to participate in normal student admissions as part of the universities’ joint application process.

Selection criteria

1) The applicant will continue with university of applied sciences studies begun previously in Finland within the same or an equivalent degree with the intention of completing the degree. Those applying for separate right to study must not hold a valid study right for the degree for which they are applying (unlike transfer students).

2) The applicant has forgone his/her study right for one or more of the following reasons:

  • he/she has resigned
  • his/her right to study is no longer valid (has ended)
  • he/she is recorded as having resigned due to neglecting to register

3) The applicant should only have about 1 year of studies remaining, including credits accomplished via the open university of applied sciences, at the time of applying. Those applying for a separate right to study for a university of applied sciences Master’s degree should have accomplished about half of the credits required by the degree. These studies may also have been accomplished in another university of applied sciences.

4) The applicant must pass an interview or an entrance exam.

5) The resources of the department in question enable the student to be admitted to the degree/specialization studies

There are health related requirements for pursuing studies in the field of social services and health care. The application form includes a question for applicants on health issues which may prevent studying. Another factor which may impede student admission is an earlier revocation of the right to study. Applicants are questioned about any previous revocation of the right to study for endangering the safety of other people. (L953/3011.)

Applying and the application processing fee

A separate form is used for the purposes of applying for separate study right. Before you submit the application it is recommended that you contact the study counsellor for your field of study to discuss your situation. If the discussion results in a recommendation to apply for separate study right, fill in the form and submit it to the Study Office of the University of Applied Sciences.

Your will need to enclose an up-to-date transcript of your academic record, a resignation certificate stating the date of resignation and a receipt of payment for the processing fee. A fee of 50 € is charged for processing the separate right to study application (A1440/2014 § 3).

The application period is continuous but the date of starting your studies is determined on a case by case basis according to how many credits you need to accomplish. The study right is granted for a maximum of 2 semesters and usually starts at the beginning of the following semester.

Pay the processing fee online at KAMK Shop.

Please note that the separate study right is also subject to tuition fees. 

Student admissions and the right to appeal

After the student selection process, Student Services will inform the student of his/her selection, in writing. If the applicant is unsatisfied with the selection he or she can make a request for rectification in writing to the Board of the university of applied sciences within 14 days of being informed of the decision (L932/2014 § 57).

Study right period

The study right is granted on an individual applicant basis for a maximum period of three semesters. In accordance with legislation (L932/2014 § 29) students holding a separate right to study must register as attending students.

Fill in the application:
Application for Separate Study Right
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