Entrance Exam in Bachelor's Degree in Tourism 

The entrance examination of Tourism and Hospitality will be held online on 7 and 20 April 2020. Due to these exceptional circumstances, we will arrange the exam in two parts as follows:

·      Tue 7 April at 10:00-12:00 (Finnish time, UTC+2): Written Part 1 and 2 (essay and mathematical-logical thinking)

·      Mon 20 April at 10:00 onwards (Finnish time, UTC+2): Oral Part (group discussion)

Exam participants from outside of Finland can check the Finnish time e.g. with the Time and Date website: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/finland/helsinki

Please note that only the ones who pass the written part of the exam will be invited to the oral part of the exam (on Mon 20 April). Further instructions related to the oral part of the exam will be given later.

Both parts of the entrance exam will take place online. The basic structure and the assessment criteria of the exam are the same as announced previously. The pre-reading materials on which the essay is based are also the same.

Make sure that you will have a quiet, private place during both parts of the exam. It is also important to have a good Internet connection. For the oral part of the exam you also need a camera and a microphone in your computer. In addition, be prepared to present your valid passport or an official Finnish ID card/Finnish driving license for proper identification in both parts of the entrance exam.

You will first get a link to your email address on 3 April for completing the written part of the exam. In the same email you will get further instructions on the entrance exam process. 

The entrance examination places emphasis on aptitude for studying the field, motivation, English language and mathematical/logical thinking. In order to be considered for admission, applicants must pass each section of the examination. KAMK accepts an entrance examination taken in the same entrance exam group at another university of applied sciences.

The Tourism entrance examination is arranged in co-operation with other Finnish universities of applied sciences, i.e. KAMK will accept entrance exams completed in the same entrance exam group in a different University of Applied Sciences. If you have applied for more than one preference within the same entrance exam group you will only receive one invitation to an entrance examination of your first/highest preference for which you have achieved a sufficient amount of points during the initial selection process.