Entrance Exam in Bachelor's Degree in Tourism 

KAMK arranges Tourism entrance examination in Finland (Kajaani) as well as abroad in cooperation with FINNIPS network. The Tourism exam will be held on 7 April 2020 in Kajaani Finland.

The entrance examination places emphasis on aptitude for studying the field, motivation, English language and mathematical/logical thinking. In order to be considered for admission, applicants must pass each section of the examination. KAMK accepts an entrance examination taken in the same entrance exam group at another university of applied sciences.

The Tourism entrance examination is arranged in co-operation with other Finnish universities of applied sciences, i.e. KAMK will accept entrance exams completed in the same entrance exam group in a different University of Applied Sciences. If you have applied for more than one preference within the same entrance exam group you will only receive one invitation to an entrance examination of your first/highest preference for which you have achieved a sufficient amount of points during the initial selection process.