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Entrance Exams in International Business and Esports Business 

The national entrance examination of Bachelor’s Degree Programmes in Esports Business and International Business has been changed from the face-to-face exam to an online exam due to the Corona virus situation. The exam will now be fully online. Please note that the original times have changed.

1) The Pretasks A & B

  • Pretask A (application video)
    • Create a 2-minute applicant video according to the Pretask A Instructions
    • You can start working on the video today, and it must be ready latest by 9.00 Finnish time on Tuesday 14 April.
  • Pretask B (written online exam with essay and maths)
    • Further instructions will be sent to you by email on Monday 6 April.
    • The online exam will be open for you on Tuesday 14 April at 11.45 – 14.00 Finnish time.
    • Mark the date and time in your calendar now.
    • For the online exam you will need a quiet place with computer, and an internet connection.
  • You need to start reading the required pre-reading material now. The essay of Pretask B will be based on the pre-reading material. The instructions were published on the KAMK websites in January.
  • Points awarded: max 25 p; minimum requirement 8 p,

Best applicants will be invited to an online interview by the points of Pretasks A & B.

2) The Online interview

  • Invitations will be sent by email between 22 – 24 April
  • Individual online interviews (about 30 min - video connection required) between 27 – 29 April
  • Points awarded: max 25p; minimum requirement 5p

The applicants must pass all parts of the examination in order to be selected for admission.

For the exam you will need a computer, and an internet connection, and a quiet place.

Exam participants from outside of Finland can check the Finnish time e.g. with the Time and Date website: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/finland/helsinki

Note: The Business entrance examination is arranged in co-operation with other Finnish universities of applied sciences, i.e. KAMK will accept entrance exams completed in the same entrance exam group in a different University of Applied Sciences. If you have applied for more than one preference within the same entrance exam group you will only receive one invitation to an entrance examination of your first/highest preference for which you have achieved a sufficient amount of points during the initial selection process.