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Entrance Exams

Due to the coronavirus situation and in contingency planning for the coronavirus, KAMK campus will be closed by Wednesday 18 March in accordance with the guidelines of the Government of Finland. We also follow the instructions and recommendations of the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare (THL) and other authorities.

The entrance examinations for the English-taught degree programmes will not be arranged on KAMK campus on April 1.–8.2020. Instead of exams on campus, Finnish universities of applied sciences are finding alternative solutions e.g. student selections based on Finnish upper secondary school diplomas or separate assignments as a part of the admission process. We will inform the applicants about the changes as soon as possible. All applicants invited to take the entrance examination at KAMK will be notified by email to the email address given in their online application.

The exams abroad are arranged in cooperation with the Finnips network. The exams outside Finland will take place in March yearly. More detailed information about the country and exam-specific schedules will be sent to the applicants in the invitation letter.