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Entrance Exams 

The student selections in the Bachelor degree programs are made based on entrance exam results. 

Joint Application (5 - 19 January 2022)

In the joint application, the students are selected based on the international university of applied sciences (UAS) exam. This exam is a joint digital entrance exam of Finnish universities of applied sciences and it is used for selecting students for the English-taught degrees. The exam will be used for the first time in the joint application in spring 2022. Further details on the entrance exam.

At KAMK, the joint exam is used in the Bachelor's Degrees in Esports Business, International Business, Sports and Leisure Management and Tourism. There are no pre-reading materials or pre-assignments for the entrance exam!

The entrance exam consists of two phases:  

1) Written, online exam on 9 February 2022 at 12:00 (UTC/GMT+2).

The entrance exam consists of common sections and certain program-specific parts that are determined based on the programme you have applied for. All sections are completed at one time. A specific completion time is determined for each exam section. When the time is up, the section closes. If you didn't finish the section, the latest version of your answers will be saved. Any opened section must be completed at once, but the sections can be completed in any order.

In order to be invited to the second phase group interview, you have to pass all the exam sections.

The written exam consists of 

  • Reasoning skills (20 minutes)

This section assesses the logical reasoning and problem-solving skills.

  • English language (20 minutes)

This section assesses reading and interpreting texts, such as understanding the relation between different parts of the text, mastering vocabulary and linguistic reasoning.

  • Mathematical skills (20 minutes)

In this section, your basic mathematical skills are assessed. The focus is on basic calculations, calculating percentages, first-
degree equations, geometry, mathematical-logical reasoning and interpreting tables, graphs and diagrams.

  • For Sports and Leisure Management: Ethical Skills (10 minutes)

  In this section, your skills in recognizing the ethical nature of statements are assessed.

To access the written exam, you will receive a personal link to the email address you have given in your Studyinfo application. The link will also be available at My Studyinfo in your own application. Further details on the entrance exam


2) Group Interview, 2 - 16 March 2022

All eligible applicants who have passed the written exam will be invited to the second phase, to take the group interview. Group interviews are organised between 2.–16.3.2022. You will be invited to the interview group of the study programme which is the highest preference on the application form. Each applicant participates in one group interview as the second phase is common to all study fields.