Section 6.2. of the Constitution of Finland states that no one shall be discriminated against due to age, origin, language,  state of health, or disability. The Equality Act (21/20.1.2004) also prohibits discrimination based on (working) conditions and practices. It obligates education organisers to take reasonable action to ensure that the disabled have access to education and training. The same principles of operation also apply to different types of learners.

You can progress in your studies according to personal study plan even if you have dyslexia, an illness or a disability, issues with mental health, a different language or cultural background or other difficulties concerning studies. You will receive support and guidance in your studies, and you can apply for personal study arrangements to support you in your studies. It's also possible to do studies abroad, internationalization is for everyone! 

It is important that the student contacts the school staff to let them know the needs regarding accessibility and special arrangements needed. 

Entrance examination

If applicants due to their state of health or learning difficulties require special arrangements as regards the entrance examination, they must request such arrangements in writing at the very latest immediately they receive the invitation to sit the entrance exam. Applicants must submit the request to the admissions office of the University of Applied Sciences that sent the entrance exam invitation. A statement written by a doctor or other expert concerning the applicant’s form of disability or illness must be enclosed with the written request. Kajaani University of Applied Sciences will inform the applicant of the special arrangements that will be made on his/her behalf.

At the discretion of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, it is possible to make the following special arrangements:
- a maximum of 20 minutes of extra time/hour of the exam and
- it may be possible to arrange a separate facility (room) for the entrance exam. 

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