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Applying to programmes conducted in English at Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) takes place through a system of joint application. Online application is available at the website www.studyinfo.fi. An application submitted online is directly received by the admissions office of the University of Applied Sciences (UAS) of your first choice.

The application period for the autumn 2019 will take place from 9th to 23rd of January 2019, 3pm. This application is mainly targeted to applicants from outside Finland as for this round, you can take the entrance exam in different countries abroad. The list of entrance exam countries can be found on the Finnips website.

Application Steps

1. Get familiar with the study programmes.

2. When the application period is open, choose up to 6 study programmes that you wish to apply by clicking “Fill in application form” or “Apply” on Studyinfo.fi  Remember to set the study options in order of preference, so that the option you prefer most is first on the application.

3. Submit the application and print a copy of the application form for yourself for future reference. A confirmation that the application form has been received will be sent to your e-mail.

4. Application documents must be delivered enclosed to the online application at Studyinfo.fi. Your application will be evaluated once you submit the necessary supporting documentation within the deadline.

Read and follow the instructions carefully before submitting the application. Especially your full name and email address should be carefully written. You will receive notifications from the Admissions Services via email during the application process, and for example invitations for entrance examinations and acceptance letters will be sent to applicants by e-mail.

Options of Preferences

You can apply for up to six different degree programmes at Finnish universities of applied sciences and universities. You can choose 1–6 different degree programmes on the application form. Choose your most preferred degree programme as your first option, and then choose your second to sixth options when applicable. The order of preference chosen in the application is binding and cannot be altered after the application closes.

If you are not accepted on the programme of your first preference, your points will be checked to see if you can be accepted to your other preferences. If you are accepted on the degree programme of your first preference, you cannot be selected for your other preferences. The applicant is allowed to submit one application form. If the applicant submits more than one, only the last application form will be taken into consideration.

The first-choice UAS will decide on the applicant’s eligibility to all UAS options in the application. If you would like to make changes to your application please contact your first choice UAS during the application period.

Any questions?
Please contact:
KAMK Admissions Services
+358 44 7101 229

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