Elisa, International Business

“On the first day of the studies, I was greeted by my supervising teacher, who ended up being the most supportive and motivating teacher ever (…) and I knew from the first day she would be the right person to teach me international business.”

Sina, International Business: Graduating in 2,5 years

"I finished my studies within 2.5 years, a year in advance. I did not plan from the beginning to shorten my studies, but during my second semester I thought about the option of using the long summer breaks effectively and doing my practical training in that time."

Saheed, International Business: From BBA to PhD

“Never give up your dream, no matter how your condition, situation, and even background could be. Your dream is you, and you are your dream”

Jasper, International Business

"If you are adventurous and like to explore, I recommend going to Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. They offer great experiences and encourage people to connect and seek experiences by the variety they offer!"

Will, Sports and Leisure Management

"I chose KAMK because of the international environment at the university and the unique opportunities abroad, such as exchange and practical training."