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Bachelor's Degree in Esports Business

Be at the front line of the rapidly growing industry! Are you a player but want to deepen your expertise in esports? Do you have what it takes to become a coach? We have all the necessary tools to make you an esports expert in business, coaching and gaming!

The esports market was valued at USD 694.2 million in 2017 and is expected to reach over 2 billion by 2023. To ensure our students are prepared to enter this lucrative field we offer a wide range of courses including marketing, coaching, esports landscape, branding, event management, and contract law. These areas are key elements of the esports industry which enable its continued growth. Hands-on experience is where this degree truly shines. Our students are equipped with resources, time and support to create ventures and build their practical knowledge in real-world environments.

The Esports Business degree is not a player-training course, but rather it provides top-class education in order to become electronic sports business experts. However, many of the students may be ex-players or can continue playing during their studies, and KAMK provides excellent facilities for this purpose. One of the many benefits of being an Esports Business student is having access to the KAMK Esports Facility; a space for members to compete, learn, socialize, and network with their peers.  

As part of the student community at KAMK, you can join Kajak Esports and KAMK Esports Club. KAJAK Esports strives to grow the Finnish esports community both locally in the region of Kainuu as well as nationally, utilising their expansive group of industry partners. They offer an in-house project-accelerator which supports up-and-coming esports related businesses. Additionally, their team of over eighteen experts offer their services to execute large-scale events, create engaging pieces of digital content, foster competitive rosters, provide esports education support, as well as plan trips for the local student community. The brand is owned and operated by multinational students of the Esports Business degree at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences and the team works closely with their parent company, Kajak Games, a Kajaani based game development co-op.

The KAMK Esports Club is a student organization which operates on-campus esports events such as viewing parties and their weekly ‘Friday Club’ sessions that allow attendees to be introduced to new and exciting esports titles each week! The organization also acts as a community hub for esports enthusiasts within KAMK who wish to grow their network while having fun with those who share the common interest of gaming.

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Study places
210 ECTS
3,5 years
Degree Title
Bachelor of Business Administration
Further information
Admissions Office, admissions(at)
The Esports Business degree provides top-class education in order to become electronic sports business expert.
Entrance Exams
The entrance exam in the spring 2022 will be arranged online.

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences promotes an individualized approach to education, providing its student base with a one-on-one environment where they can develop relationships with both lecturers and peers.  Our facilities' small-town environment allows us to create individualized educational paths that are custom-fitted to students’ future career desires. In the Bachelor's Degree in Esports Business you will specialize in Event Management. However, at KAMK, the School of Business includes degrees in Tourism, Business and Sports allowing you to select courses and modules from other fields as well.

The program will include not only field trips to explore Esports events, but students will also have the opportunity to plan and execute esports events locally. There are esports related activities in KAMK and in Kainuu area that can be tied to studies and gives the student more practical vision of organizing esports events. 

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As a professional in Esports Business, you can be working for example with developing and managing partnerships and business collaborations (such as advertising, marketing, sponsorhip to name a few). You tasks may also include identifying new products or distribution opportunities, negotiating agreements, sourcing sponsors or do market analyzing, research or financial modeling to help to make the business decisions. Depending on the area of your specialization, you can also coach players and team members or start your own business. 

Graduates with a business degree will be able to apply for a variety of employment positions, from entrepreneurship to working in management roles, project planning and development roles, and sales and marketing positions, all within both the private and public sectors.

Our students work within the esports organisations during their studies; 

Jasmin_ENCE.PNG  SamiLehto_Nyyrikki.PNG  AleksiSillanpää_Brawl.PNG

The entrance exam may consist of written part (essay, multiple-choice questions, a section measuring mathematical/logical thinking) and an interview. The essay and the interview are combined in the entrance examination as an integrated section measuring English language proficiency. 

The examination assesses study and teamwork skills, verbal and written expression skills as well as mathematical/logical reasoning skills.

The ability to communicate fluently in English, both speaking and writing, is prerequisite for admission. Therefore, applicants must pass all parts of the exam in order to be selected for admission. Applicants scoring below the minimum points of any of the sections will fail the exam. The section testing English language proficiency will be entered in the system with a pass/fail grade.

The pre-reading material will be published on the web pages before the exam.

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