Starting a career in Sports and Leisure Management

“I am Delaram and come from Iran. I study Leisure and Sports Management at the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. I already have a Master of Science degree from Iran in sport injury and corrective exercise. I decided to study sport because being in a sport environment was always the thing that I wanted. I love that Sport brings people together and takes them away from their daily life and stress. I learned how to make a plan for my clients according to their goals and how to lead a class. Here at the university sport facilities are provided for students, both indoor and outdoor, right on or Delaram.jpgnext to the campus. I did my two practical trainings in Kajaani, one in the Honka basketball club and the other was in Luovi school for special students, where I provided adopted physical activities for them. After doing my practical training I had the chance to work as a coach for junior girls in basketball. Besides that, I also play in the Honka ladies club. Also I broadened my network in Kajaani by playing board games in one of the cafés. My plan for the future is to stay in the Kainuu area. The reason is, is that it is small and peaceful, where it is easier to connect with people and they know each other. I would like to work as a sport instructor here."                                                                  

Delaram Jolous Jamshidi, Bachelor Degree in Sports and Leisure Management