Starting a Career in Esports

“My name is Lutfil and I am from Singapore and now I am studying Esports Business in KAMK. When I had to figure out what to do with my life, I asked myself what I am really passionate about. I applied to Kajaani University of Applied Sciences because of the unique programme in Esports Business. I only found one other programme like it in the UK, but Esports is bigger in Finland and therefore, I made my choice to come to Kajaani. So far, I have learned many things, such as about the marketing industry, the aspect of the Esports foundation, how it is built upon, the ethics and the business around it as well. Apart from studies I set up my own KAMK Esports club. Our goal is to show what is Esports all about and how can we make Esports a learning experience for everyone. I am also doing a collaboration with other universities around the world. What we are trying to achieve is to build an Esports hub and create a social aspect awareness of Esports as well. In terms of future after studies, I look to start my own business together with a couple of my friends and that is kind of my end game."                                                                  

Lutfil.jpg Lutfil Hardy, Bachelor Degree in Esports Business