Speeding up the Graduation in the BBA degree

“ The Bachelor's Degree in International Business at KAMK was recommended to me by foreign students that are members of my roller derby team. I finished my studies within 2.5 years, a year in advance. I did not plan from the beginning to shorten my studies, but during my second semester I thought about the option of using the long summer breaks effectively and doing my practical training in that time. I split my practical training into 2 parts working for a technology provider for industry in Kajaani during my first and second summer, reducing the study duration by half a year.

About the studies at KAMK I like that there is a great variety of courses and a lot of projects. I like working with people and always enjoyed the group work, strengthening my intercultural and social skills as well as my self-reliance. The studies also gave me the opportunity to go abroad. I decided to use the chance and go on exchange to Germany for a year during my second year. I made sure to find courses that I could easily substitute with courses from KAMK. Another big help for graduating early was the possibility to work on a project from KAMK remotely in Germany, earning me additional 10 credits. Next to earning the required 60 credits from Germany and the 10 extra credits, I managed to use my time as an exchange to visit several destinations in Europe together with friends that I made during my international studies. Sina Hoffren.jpg

When I was about to return to KAMK, I realized that since I have finished a lot of my courses, I will be able to write my thesis next to finishing the remaining classes. I discussed this idea with a teacher that supported me, and I found a thesis topic of my interest that I started working on from the beginning of my last semester. There was enough flexibility during my studies that I was able to accomplish courses and thesis at the same time, shortening my studies by another half a year. It was hard at times, but I am a goal achiever focused to overcome my anxiousness. I will start a job as an accountant next month at a company in Kajaani. It is a job that without the studies, I would have never dreamed of.” 

Sina Hoffrén, BBA graduate