International experience from studies at KAMK

Jasper Woertman, the Netherlands 

"After trying a few studies in my country, I decided to move and ended up in Kajaani studying International Business.  The atmosphere and the international variety that comes for exchange have been amazing. This has spurred me on to explore other cultures and countries! KAMK encourages this behaviour by supporting exchanges and internships abroad.

My first student exchange was to Canada, Alberta, Lethbridge College. I’ve taken International courses and had a choice abundant. Besides, there are many people to meet and I encourage you to not be afraid and try to meet as many people as you can. However, make sure to take time out to travel around as well on these exchanges to broaden your horizon. I have for example, done a road trip as well as a trip to Jasper National park of course!

After my first exchange, I was curious to try out a totally unfamiliar culture thus I went to Cyprus for a second student exchange. When I arrived there, I had a few problems with my courses but both KAMK and Cyprus were very helpful and it was quickly resolved, no need to feel anxious or nervous, the International Office will help you through the issues!

Talking about anxious and nervous, I decided to apply for an internship to Slovakia, Bratislava, in the spirit of exploration and discovery. I’ve tried here for the first time public speaking and I have found I rather enjoy it!"

"If you are adventurous and like to explore, I recommend going to Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. They offer great experiences and encourages people to connect and seek experiences by the variety they offer!"