Quality Control Work at Higher Education Institutions

Quality control is an integral part of a university’s leadership policy, strategic work and internal profitability control. Quality control produces information concerning the quality of training and degrees that benefits potential university applicants, staff and students as well as the local community, tax payers and employers.

The Finnish system of higher education allows universities to choose and structure their own quality control systems.

The Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council (FINHEEC) Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINHEEC) evaluates all university quality control work. FINHEEC audits the quality control systems of all Finnish higher education establishments.

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences Quality Control Policy

All operations must aim to provide high quality teaching and to serve the requirements of working life.

The Kajaani UAS quality control policy is that all staff and students are committed to the continual improvement of the university’s operations. The policy ensures and enables excellence to be the main goal of all operations. All quality control operations are based on the vision, values, strategic choices and agreed procedures that are used to implement strategy within different processes. Planning, implementation and development follow the principle of continual improvement based on quality evaluation within all operations. Quality management covers all operations of the University of Applied Sciences.

This is how we have defined our own quality control policy that guides all our operations. Quality control work is a part of what every single person does at the university. 

The objective of our operations is that.......

  • We are doing the right things by defining what and why we are doing them
  • We are doing things right by defining how, when and who does it
  • Everyone does the right things the right way
  • We measure and evaluate our operations
  • We develop our operations based on results

Our quality control system consists of the following:

  • strategy (we do the right things)
  • working and described processes and procedures (we all do the right things correctly)
  • process evaluation procedures (we all do things right and measure them)
  • a working student and working life feedback system (we measure)
  • evaluation (self-evaluation, external evaluation (we develop)
  • procedures for monitoring and reacting quickly to operations and indocators (we develop)

The quality control system is based on the circle of continual development PDCA (plan, do, check, act).


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