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6/15/2017 1:00 PM

Masters Degree Delivered in English to Start at KAMK in Autumn 2018

KAMK is launching a Master's Degree in International Business delivered fully in English language in autumn 2018. The degree is aimed at staff of growth and internationalisation oriented organisations, or organisations that already engage in international operations or at persons seeking employment in such organisations. It is a multidisciplinary degree that welcomes graduates with at least a Bachelor’s (first cycle) degree qualification.

The degree is a Master’s level (second-cycle) qualification of 90 credits in total. It takes approximately two years to complete. The degree consists of blended studies accomplished while working. All of the course assignments and the research based development assignment (Master’s thesis) are completed on behalf of the organisation that has commissioned them.

The degree’s learning objectives and contents focus on strategic management, research and development methods, global economic issues, international business and the use of new technologies in business.

The minimum requirement is a Bachelor’s (first-cycle) degree qualification in any field and three year’s work experience in the field of business and commerce, as well sufficient proficiency in English. However, a minimum of 20 credits of business studies are required. Applicants with work experience in demanding specialist posts or managerial/leadership posts can be considered to have achieved the required 20 credits of business studies. The application period will take place in spring 2018 for studies starting in autumn 2018.

Further information

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