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1/9/2017 4:24 PM

KAMK is among the top universities of applied sciences in Finland!

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences has succeeded in remaining among the top two universities of applied sciences in Finland for three year’s running, according to the efficiency and results barometer implemented by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

KAMK’s particular strength lies in its students’ study progress. The extensive cooperation that KAMK conducts with work and business communities is evident in the significant amount of business funding enjoyed by the university’s research, development and innovation operations.

The growth in international activity at KAMK is not only visible in barometer results and funding, but also in everyday life on campus.

KAMK’s relative status in the University of Applied Sciences’ sector strengthened in the New Year with the introduction of degree qualification quotas, also used in universities. KAMK’s degree quota increased compared to degree targets in previous years, although the combined total degree target of all the universities of applied sciences decreased significantly. Degree quotas have a direct impact on funding allocated to universities of applied sciences.

The President of KAMK, Turo Kilpeläinen, is proud of his work and study community. “Being at the top for a moment, in terms of efficiency and results, is challenging, but staying at the top is really difficult. Just being able to maintain relative efficiency requires non-stop work to keep up with ever stronger competition. At KAMK, we have always believed in what we do. We will also use our strengths to build the future,” Kilpeläinen stresses.

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