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10/31/2017 3:22 PM

Electronic Sports Business – KAMK to offer a new degree course

Internationally renowned for its game industry expertise, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences is now about to become a forerunner in the eSports sector. In autumn 2018, KAMK’s School of Business and Innovations will be offering a major in eSports Business taught in English and leading to a Bachelor of Business Administration degree qualification. The eSports Business degree is unique since at this current time no other higher education facility in Finland offers a degree specialising in eSports business opportunities.

According to Head of School, Hannele Siipola, “This degree is the so called next step to completing player athletes’ educational pathways by combining business and industry-specific expertise.”

In the future, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences aims to produce eSports business professionals and to generate new business in the region as a result of the new degree program. KAMK intends to support the development of electronic sports and game industry training in Kainuu.

“Esports is a unique and rapidly growing market and it is continuously being studied on a wide scale. With the rapid profusion of new eSports environments, the demand for experts in this industry will also increase. It is our intention to respond to this demand with the new eSports BBA degree and to produce new specialists for the industry,”
states Janus Pitkänen, Project Manager.

The degree will be modular in design, enabling students studying for other degrees at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences or at other universities in Finland and abroad to select modules of study. The application period for the eSports Business degree will begin in January 2018.

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Further information:
Janus Pitkänen, Project Manager, eSports Business Tel. +358 44 715 7058 , Email: janus.pitkanen(@)
Hannele Siipola, Head of School, School of Business and Innovations p. +358 44 7101 120,  Email. hannele.siipola(@)
Eija Heikkinen, Director, Education Services +358 44 7101 202, Email. eija.heikkinen(@)

Electronic sports, i.e. eSports are collectively known as competitive video-gaming. Usually eSports games are divided into different types of
games: RTS (Real-Time Strategy), FPS (FPS First Person Shooter), MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games, battle games, sports games and dance games.