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5/4/2017 1:32 PM

Critical Force and Kajaani University of Applied Sciences to establish a Game Academy

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences is to establish a game production academy in cooperation with the game company, Critical Force. The Critical Force Academy is an innovation intended to make up for the workforce shortfall prevalent in Finland’s digital games sector. The academy is aiming to grow the current high level of expertise at KAMK to produce world-class game makers using a hands-on approach where the students carry out demanding game development projects during their studies. During the first stage of the training program, twenty students will be selected to develop multiplayer online games based on interviews. Critical Force’s experts will provide their help and support during the game development process. The students who fare best will be offered a paid internship at Critical Force or Kajaani’s other game studios.

The Game Academy will become an important part of the Information Systems program of studies. The first students will already be admitted to the program this summer and initial plans covering a period of four years are already in place. At the present time, Academy places are only available to KAMK students but the option of expanding the program at a later stage is being considered.
“We consider that it is crucial to support and employ students from our local university of applied sciences. Despite its isolated location, Kajaani is one of Finland’s game innovation and development hubs, with its many studios and the excellent game development degree offered by Kajaani University of Applied Sciences,” claims Veli-Pekka Piirainen, CEO of Critical Force.
Cooperation with Critical Force is also highly important to Kajaani University of Applied Sciences.“It is crucial for us that Critical Force is a real international company which is willing to contribute a significant amount to guiding and supervising students. This cooperation is genuinely win-win for all the parties involved. As a university we are also prepared to engage in similar cooperation with other companies,” explains Kimmo Nikkanen, Head of School, Information Systems, “Creating the academy is a big step forward and we are taking this step with the top company and other leading companies in the game industry: we are seamlessly bringing together and combining the game degree with working life.”

KAMK’s game degree is ever more clearly an effective way of entering working life. At the same time, it offers companies the chance to work with gifted young people while they are still studying. The Game degree offered at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences is Finland’s most popular among those applying for university-level game studies. Already at this present time, this degree is even among the top game sector degrees offered worldwide.

Further information:
Head of School: Kimmo Nikkanen
Tel. +358 44 710 1409

Development Manager: Heikki Koljonen
Tel.  +358 40 7750 160