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School of Health and Sports

Degree Programme in Sports and Leisure Management

Objectives of the Degree Programme
The objective of the Sports and Leisure Management Degree Programme is to provide both Finnish and international students with a high quality, practical yet academic training in the field of sports. The programme emphasises the development of sports and exercise skills and competence particularly required in
coaching. Students will be prepared for coaching and to develop their own field. Their professional competence will be built upon a multidisciplinary knowledge base, as well as practical and interpersonal skills. They will also be able to operate within different kinds of working groups and networks.

Graduates will be qualified to seek employment in sports and leisure organisations, associations, clubs and businesses and they will possess the know how to run their own sports and leisure enterprises. Upon completion of the required 210 credits within three and a half years, graduates are awarded a Bachelor of Sports Studies and are entitled to use the professional title of Sports Instructor.

The degree programme consists of basic studies, professional studies and free choice studies. An essential part of the studies is also a five-month period of practical training. Part of the studies can be completed
Learning Strategies
Because of the nature of the programme, the learning strategies employed to achieve its objectives are varied; depending on the subject they may include: lectures, PE demonstrations, seminars, individual tutorials, workshops, case study, group work, project work and research.

The language of instruction is English and the courses are taught by Kajaani University of Applied Sciences’ own academic staff and a resource of guest lecturers from partner institutions. Interactive learning, team-based course work and small group sessions form an important element of the learning process of the Degree Programme in Sports and Leisure Management.
Learning Enviroment
The learning environment at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences actively encourages the achievement of the stated objective by providing: 
  • A programme that is both responsive and flexible to the needs of students
  • A programme that is both challenging yet supportive 
  • An international atmosphere.
Description of the competence


  • Ability to manage the fundamental knowledge and skills required in the most common physical activities and to apply them when instructing different target groups
  • Demonstration of the possession of fundamental knowledge required in special needs education
  • Understanding of the value of various physical activities as a tool for developing motor skills, physical qualities, and self-expression



  • Demonstration of a fundamental knowledge of anatomy and physiology and the ability to apply when teaching different types of target group 
  • Competence in the mechanisms of physical activity, the fundamentals of testing and training planning / coaching programs 
  • Proficient knowledge of the factors affecting human growth, development, and social behaviour as well as the ability to take them into consideration during physical activity 
  • Demonstration of the ability to plan and instruct health promoting physical activities
  • Demonstration of expertise in health enhancing physical activity



  • Demonstration of ability to use a variety of different instruction and teaching methods as well as goal setting with different target groups
  • Management of planning, execution, and evaluation of extensive modes and modules of teaching
  • Demonstration of ability to use physical education for the benefit of supporting and providing education in human growth and development
  • Instruction expertise and the ability to utilise learning concepts based on personal values and level of knowledge in physical education



  • Ability to manage developmental visions in physical activity culture and services as well as to improve the status of physical education in society 
  • Demonstration of the ability to work in a variety of different expert and executive tasks in physical education
  • Proficiency in the different enterprise opportunities in physical education and in starting a small business