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Study Psychologist

The study psychologist is an authorised healthcare professional with expertise in mental health and learning issues, among others. As a study psychologist, it is my task to support and promote the students’ wellbeing and the smooth progression of the study process.

When should I visit the study psychologist?
This is a low threshold service, meaning you are entitled to visit my office for a chat about anything on your mind. Many problems associated with studying and wellbeing can also be solved with the help of other advisory services at the University of Applied Sciences (student welfare officer, teacher tutors and study counsellors) or student healthcare services. If you feel your everyday life and studies are not going as well as hoped, it is worth trusting your own judgement by starting to solve issues that are bothering you, if possible in good time.

You can visit the study psychologist for 1-5 (length of session, 60 minutes) discussion sessions, as needed. The discussions are confidential based on the legal confidentiality obligation of healthcare professionals. During the first session, you and I will examine your situation together; agree on further sessions as well as the goals of the process we are about to undertake. If you need longer-term support, with your consent, I will direct you to the outpatients’ psychiatric clinic for adults located at KAKS (Kainuu Central Hospital). If necessary, I will also provide information about other support services and help you to find them. Sessions with the study psychologist are free of charge.

Contact information and appointments:
Heli Turunen
Tel. +358 44 715 7093
My reception is located on the ground floor of the Tieto 1 building.

The proper way to make an appointment is by phone or text message. You can also make an appointment by email but this is not recommended for information security reasons. It is also possible to visit without an appointment if I am free. Please cancel your appointment preferably the day before. If you fail to cancel your appointment, it will be counted as one session.