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Sports sticker


The sports sticers are available in KAMO bookstores throughout the academic year. (Not during summer.) In addition you can buy the stickers from the group fitness instructor at the beginning of the class (cash only). 

You can buy the sports sticker either for one semester or for the whole academic year at once. There are two kinds of sports stickers:

OurSports: includes use of sports hall and gym independently and also possibility to attend instructed lessons offered (35€/60€) 
MySports: includes only the use of sports hall and gym independently (25€/40€)

You can participate to the group fitness also with single payment (4€/class)

Sports sticker has to be attached to the student card or acces card. Keep the sticker always with you when using the sport facilities. Show the sticker to the group fitness instructor before the class begins. If you don't have valid sticker to show when asked, you are obligated to buy one. Sport sticker is personal.