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The Staff and Students Compete for the Championship of the Campus

There is a battle between the staff and the students of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences going on. The winner takes it all and holds the undeniable title of the championship of our campus! Kainuu Vocational school and high school are also participating this competition.  

The battle consists of five playful competitions. The purpose is to strengthen the most powerful weapon of our campus: the feeling of unity. The competitions will also bring life to our campus on monthly basis. We are also competing between two campus. The winning team will be the one who gets the most points from all the 5 contests altogether! 

Anyone from Kajaani UAS with playful mind can participate in this battle! There is always a need for people to cheer for their favorite team if the actual competition is not your cup of tea.

The 5-battle Timetable for 2015 - 2016

 Month  Time and place  Competition   Staff   Students
KAMK  Koulutusliikelaitos   KAMK Koulutusliikelaitos 
 October 12.10.2016 at 12:00,  tepee area outside  Finnish Darts         
November week 46, Fox cabinett Decorating a gingerbread house    
 January week 4, KAMK tutors  organize the event      
April week 15, Koulutusliikelaitos tutors organize


 May week 20 Rowing-competition    


What's new!

5-battles first competition, darts, takes place in Open Doors event  12.10.2016 at 12:00 . Unlike in previous years , the darts competition takes place at the tepee area outside, so unforeseen circumstances will lend their challenges to the event. Staff members and students from our university and KAO+high school will compete against each other.
There will be 7 members in each team (3 women, 3 men and a captain of the team)

If you want to participate, don't hesitate to join the team!

Registrations October 11th latest.
Students: KAMO office or e-mail
Staff: Sanna Pakkala-Juntunen,


Come and Join the 8-battle!

Darts on Wednesday 12th October at 12:00 in KUAS tepee area. Sing up now! 

Staff, sign up to sanna.pakkala-juntunen(at)
Students, sign up to kamo(at)

Now it's time to show the team spirit and join to cheer and support your favorite team for victory!

Further Information
The captain of the Students' Team:
Mr Pasi Ahoniemi, executive director, Student Union KAMO

The Captain of the Staff Team:
Mr Turo Kilpeläinen, President of Kajaani UAS
Photos from the 8-battle