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Insurance for Students

In case of accident or damage students must immediately contact their supervising teacher and/or the  Secretary or Management Assistant. Students must fill in an insurance accident / occupational illness notification for any type of accident / damage. Even though the accident may not have caused serious health problems when it actually occurred, such cases may not be covered by insurance after a longer period of time has elapsed, should problems occur later on after the accident.

In case of an accident:

  • Fill in the vahinkoilmoitus (= insurance accident/occupational illness notification) with their personal data and details concerning the accident
  • Attach original receipts of the costs caused by the accident and submit them to the KAMK’s President’s Office.

Voluntary Accident Insurance

Voluntary accident insurance covers accidents occurring during normal school hours as well as during travel to and from school. This insurance covers students also during their practical training. The insurance covers the expenses of treating an injury, doctor’s fees, medication, and laboratory examinations. In some cases, the expenses of rehabilitation can be reimbursed; the decision in this regard will be made by the insurance company’s doctor. This insurance is valid also abroad and for foreign students as well.

Statutory Accident Insurance

When you complete your practical training, you are covered by the KAMK statutory accident insurance. This insurance is valid also abroad and for foreign degree students as well. 

Liability Insurance

KAMK has a liability insurance for any damages caused by degree students. This insurance is valid in the whole world besides the United States and Canada.

Travel Insurance

For leisure time foreign students are obliged to take out a full travel insurance which covers the costs arising from hospital care and/or transport home in the case of sudden illness, accident or death. Also remember to take luggage insurance.  For example, an insurance that covers the necessary requirements is Aon’s Complete insurance: www.aonstudentinsurance.com/students/en/.  

Foreign Students' Insurance Cover

The foreign students' insurance cover in different situtions can be checked from the table below. 


For further information please contact:

Ms. Jaana Karjalainen, Secretary
tel. +358 44 7101 014

Ms Anne Väätainen, Management Assistant
tel. +358 44 7101 602

Ms Merja Mäkinen, Director of Administration and Finances,
tel. +358 44 7101 601
email: firstname.surname@kamk.fi