Opening hours during Independent Study Week

 Mon-Fri 9.00 - 14.00.  9.00.-10.00 Self-service. On Saturdays 10.00-14.00

KAMK Finna

KAMK Finna is a search interface where you can find all you need for searching! Via KAMK Finna you can find library's books, theses, journals, e-books, e-articles, databases etc. KAMK Finna has also all the materials of Theseus repository with just one search. Log in to Finna to renew your loans, to make reservations and for other library services.


How to get a Library card?
  • Fill a registration form at the Library.

  • You can use a Student card as a library card, but also in that case you have to fill the form.

  • If you don´t have the Student card yet, you can use any ID card for borrowing books until you get the Student card.

  • When you have got the Student card and we have activated it to work as a Library card, you can renew your loans and make a request in the Internet.


After your thesis is final and approved
  • Save the final version of your thesis in pdf-format to the Theseus-database. When you log in to the Theseus, use your KAMIT-ID's. You will receive an email to confirm that the download is complete. Print the confirmation!

  • Submit a loose-leaf copy of your thesis and the printed confirmation email to the study office. This copy will be filed in the Library archives.

  • The thesis is a public part of your degree. However, if the thesis is not published in Theseus, it will be published as a paper copy (bound) in the library. In this case, submit two loose-leaf copies of your thesis to the study office.


Services from Oulu University Library Now Available via the Library of University of Applied Sciences Kajaani

In the Library one computer is connected to the Oulu university network for access to the university library databases.