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Main University Regulations 

With its high quality, versatile training resources and Research and Development operations, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, KAMK, promotes know-how, welfare and a business-friendly working environment within the region.   

Values, Vision and Business Idea


Development partnership
KAMK carries out teaching, research and development in local, regional, national and international networks.

Customer satisfaction
KAMK offers client-oriented opportunities and added value to its customers and partners.

People as a resource
KAMK values work and knowledge, accepts difference and supports development and capability. Each member of the KAMK community is committed to our common objectives. We are a transparent organisation that encourages openness.

Creative joy in all activities
All members of staff possess a positive, innovative and open-minded attitude to themselves and to the continual development of their working community.  

Vision 2020

KAMK is the most proactive university in Finland that together with its partners, is the leading RDI and enterprise promoter, population competence enhancer, dynamic partner and modernizer of working life within its field.

Business Idea

The Proactive University
Nationally, KAMK is an attractive and interesting place to work and study, and partner in co-operation. We advance the development of expertise, experts and trade and commerce in Northern and Eastern Finland and cooperation between different bodies.   

KAMK'20 Strategy / KUASĀ“20 Strategy
KAMK is a state-recognised institution in Finland. The activities in universities of applied sciences are regulated by the Polytechnics Act (932/2014). The government decree on polytechnics/universities of applied sciences (1129/2014) defines the objectives, extent and overall structure of polytechnic degrees. The Ministry of Education confirms the degree programmes of universities of applied sciences, and within the framework of these regulations, the universities of applied sciences decide on the content and structure of their degrees in more detail. Further information: Ministry of Education and Culture. The laws, decrees and related amendments are available for reading at Finlex.
Quality Assurance

The quality  assurance system of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences has passed the audit conducted by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC) in 2015.

Audit Certificate


Audit Certificate