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Will you be the Next Game Innovator?

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences has been offering Game Development studies under the Finnish-taught Degree Programme in Business Information Technology (210 credits) for years. The second year of game development studies is taught completely in English, giving exchange students an opportunity to complete a variety of game development related studies on different fields of game development. The list of English-taught courses can be found from the right hand side.

As of spring 2018 we offer studies in Game Development in modules to avoid timetable problems. Choose one of the three modules offered for 30 ECTS.

Exchange Students

1 Finnish credit (cr) is equal to 1 ECTS credit. This equals to approx. 27 hours of a student's work. For one semester, the recommended amount of credits to choose is 30 ECTS.

There is a course "St. Petersburg Study Trip" in the School of Business available for all students each semester. The course includes a one-week study trip to St. Petersburg, Russia. The cost per student is approximately 150 - 200 Euros (+ visa costs). Please note:  

  • You will need a passport and the passport must be valid at least 6 months after the trip ends
  • You will be applying for the visa from Finland as a foreigner to Russia. Further information about the Russian visa:!
  • There are different Russian regulations for each nationality which sometimes may prevent you from participating. For example UK and Japanese citizens must prove that they have stayed in Finland for a minimum of 90 days BEFORE applying for the visa when applying from Finland.
  • There may also be unforeseen changes in the visa regulations from the Russian side also on short notice.

Game Development Studies 

There are 40 study places in the Bachelor's Degree in Business Information Technology. The degree  is taught in Finnish except for the second study year, which is offered mostly in English. After the first half a year of studies approximately half of the students will specialize in game development. Later the game development students will specialize further in one of the following areas of game development: game designing and production, game programming, game graphics or game sounds.

The main objective of the game development studies is to provide students with the neccessary skills to work in game development professions after graduation. Game students of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences will be equipped with the skills necessary to become an expert player in a game development team or game or software development, training, designing and production professions. Studies will also prepare students for game industry entrepreneurship and help them to get started with their own game companies.

Courses taught in English
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For more information on the programme, please contact:

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Mr Kimmo Nikkanen
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Applying for the exchange period
International Office
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Application process for the full Degree Programme (210 cr) 

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Science without Borders

The Science without Borders programme offers Brazilian students the possibility to study Game Development in Kajaani University of Applied Sciences.

Instructions for the applications can be found here.

See more information on SwB programme at KAMK here.