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Studies Taught in Finnish

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences offers 8 Bachelor's Degrees and 5 Master's degrees delivered in Finnish language.

Bachelor's Degrees

    1. Bachelor's Degree in Nursing (Bachelor of Health Care)
    2. Bachelor's Degree in Sports and Leisure Management (Bachelor of Sports Studies)
    3. Bachelor's Degree in Tourism (Bachelor of Hospitality Management)
    4. Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering)
    5. Bachelor's Degree in Construction and Civil Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering)
    6. Bachelor's Degree in Information and Communication Technology (Bachelor of Engineering)
    7. Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration (Bachelor of Business Administration)
    8. Bachelor's Degree in Business Information Technoclogy (Bachelor of Business Administration)

Master's Degrees

    1. Master's Degree in Technological Competence Management (Master of Engineering)
    2. Master's Degree in Health Care Management and Development (Master of Health Care)
    3. Master's Degree in Tourism (Master of Hospitality Management)
    4. Master's Degree in Entrepreneuship and Business Competence (Master of Business Administration) 
    5. Master's Degree in Sport Development and Management (Master of Sports)

For more details on the degrees and eligibility criteria please visit Finnish pages (Hakijalle).