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Applying for Bachelor Degree Programmes Taught in English

Kajaani University of Applies Sciences (KAMK) offers the following programmes leading to a Bachelor's degree taught in English: 

- Bachelor's Degree in International Business (Bachelor of Business Administration) 
- Bachelor's Degree in Sports and Leisure Management  (Bachelor of Sports Studies)
- Bachelor's Degree in Tourism (Bachelor of Hospitality Management) 
- Bachelor's Degree in eSports Business (Bachelor of Business Administration) NEW!

Applying to Degree programmes conducted in English at Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences and Universities takes place through a system of joint application http://www.studyinfo.fi. Prospective students can apply to a maximum of six different degree programmes at UAS using the same application form. When applying, applicants must choose an order of preference for the degree programmes. The order of preference chosen in the application is binding and cannot be altered after the application closes.


KAMK also offers the following programme (part-time) leading to a Master's Degree taught in English:

Master's Degree in International Business (Master of Business Administration) NEW!






 Apply online at www.studyinfo.fi between 9-24 Jan.
February  Submit the enclosure dokuments by 7 Feb
 March Entrance exams outside Finland
April Entrance exams in Finland
May  The result are published earliest on 2 May
 July Confirm that your accept the study place by 10 July
August Studies begin at the end of August

ApplicantĀ“s Guide


More Information
Joint Application System: http://www.studyinfo.fi

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